What's wrong with my transmission?

* Symptoms of a faulty transmission

Fluid Leaks

  • Having the right amount of transmission fluid is very important
  • Leaking fluids can be detrimental to a transmission
  • If you are experiencing fluid leaks you should have it checked out immediately, which is exactly what Delaware Valley Transmissions can do for you

Slipping Gears

  • Low fluid level
  • Poor vacuum
  • Defective shift cable

Erratic Shifting

Erratic Shifting needs to be diagnosed buy one of our professionals These issues can be inexpensive to fix in most cases

Vehicle will not move

  • Disconnected cables can cause your vehicle to stop moving
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Electronics malfunctioning

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light will need to be scanned to properly diagnose. Cars today monitor all functions of the vehicle including your transmission. Therefore a check Engine Light could very well mean an issue with the transmission.

Hearing Noises

Whining or grinding noises could mean a problem with your transmission


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